Orbit lyrics by Artvyn Carreon

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Enjoy the music video of the OPM Latest Hits “ Orbit lyrics by Artvyn Carreon 

Finalist in the KantArriba 2014 – Letran Bataan Original Pop Song Writing Competition
Lyrics: Ma. Chricel Domingo & Michael Joshua Manahan
Music: Michael Joshua Manahan
Interpreted by: Artvyn Carreon
Music Video Directed by: Michael Joshua Manahan
Production Group: Mango Productions
Assistant Director: Ma. Chricel Domingo
Cinematographer & Post-Production: Michael Joshua Manahan
Make-up/Styling: Ma. Chricel Domingo
Talent/s: Camille Joco

Shot on Location in Letran Bataan & Michael Mateo Photography Studio
Special Thanks to Michael Mateo & Auxiliary Services Department of Letran Bataan

Music Produced by: Gabriel Jessie Guevarra
Recorded & Mixed at the Blue Room Recording Studios & Colegio de San Juan de Letran- Bataan 

Presented by: Arriba Campus Radio 87.9 FM,
Communication, Education & Languages Week 2014 
(CELWeek 2014 ALL IN!),
Center for Public Affairs & Media Development – Letran Bataan

Music / Video Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.
The copyright on this sound recording and images in the video is owned and published by the producers of the work. 
Orbit lyrics

Baby hand in hand in this universe
Let us close our eyes to see the crystal stars
Our love is high as it flies on air
And it never ends like a metal that won’t bend

Refrain: You’re like venus, your face is precious When you smile at me, I see the galaxy Don’t forsake us, coz’ I can’t lose this Baby come with me, coz’ you belong to me

Chorus: You & me, just like a dream
Hold me tight, hold me tight baby
Leave the misery, we don’t need, we don’t need gravity
Oh-oh-orbit, we oh-oh-orbit, we oh-oh orbit together
Oh-oh-orbit, we oh-oh-orbit, we oh-oh orbit together

Roam around with me to infinity 
Where the stars all burst, would you find me baby?
I’m falling now, oh you hit my heart
You’re a shooting star, a star I wish upon

(Repeat Refrain & Chorus)



Oh-oh-orbit, we oh-oh-orbit, we oh-oh orbit together
Oh-oh-orbit, we oh-oh-orbit, we oh-oh orbit together

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