Businessman lyrics by Gloc-9 ft. Vinci Montaner

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Enjoy the music video of the OPM Latest Hits “ Businessman lyrics by Gloc-9 ft. Vinci Montaner 

Gloc-9’s details his journey in “Biyahe Ng Pangarap”

If there is anything that remains true about Gloc-9 after seven studio albums, numerous hit songs, and 17 years in the business of music, it is that he remains very clear about what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. Which is to be a rapper and songwriter, that same ambition he had as a young boy in Binangonan Rizal.

Anyone who listens to Gloc-9’s songs of course would know bits and pieces of his story. His DVD release to premier on November 9 will bring those stories together into one documentary film entitled Biyahe Ng Pangarap, where he speaks of his career’s beginnings, the difficult years, the times he thought of giving up, the happiness it has brought him. Across these experiences what is constant is his creativity, where even in the most trying times he would find himself writing songs.

No Gloc-9 release would be complete without these songs, and in Biyahe Ng Pangarap these are performed live. That by-invitation-only concert happened in September, and had as special guests artists those he has collaborated with before such as Rico Blanco, Ebe Dancel, and Chito Miranda. Some were artists that Gloc-9 could only be honored to have on stage with him, such as Maestro Ryan Cayabyab.

The breadth and scope that Biyahe Ng Pangarap covers about Gloc-9’s life and creativity is what makes this DVD release special. It might not be the first of its kind, but the kind of team that Gloc-9 gathered together for this project speak of its magnitude, with Universal Records as producer, J. Pacena on video documentation, Shakira Villa as LIGHTING DESIGNER, and Tuxqs Rutaquio as concert director. Gloc-9 himself provided the concept and co-wrote the documentary. 

Watching the documentary, one realizes that much of what we see of Gloc-9 had its roots in his childhood, be it his dreams or his humility. This might be no surprise. What might be extraordinary is how the struggle is one that he has yet to detail, refusing as he also does to speak about his personal life in interviews and features. Until now.

Biyahe Ng Pangarap will premier on November 9 2014, 7:00PM, at Robinson’s Galleria Cinema 1.
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