Kaya Ko Nang Mag Isa lyrics by JC Del Toro

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Enjoy the music video of the OPM Latest Hits “ Kaya Ko Nang Mag Isa lyrics by JC Del Toro 

Kaya Ko Nang Mag Isa By JC Del Toro

Words & Music By Rufino JUN Lugod Jr.
Music Production: RJL Music
PhotoVideo Production: ©2014
Directed By Rommel Luluquisin 

''KAYA KO NANG MAG-ISA'' is a song I wrote to inspire individuals that going through any rough relationship.Definitely a song about moving on ,hope ,independence and self-esteem.Life suppose to be an enjoyable journey and experience to share to a loved-one but people were not created perfect.Problems and conflicts are common to any relationships but some of these are not easy to fix.Solutions or corrections would takes a lifetime thus the precious time often wasted and relationship suffers.I hope that this song will give others a positive perspective in life while in a difficult times.
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