LoveChild lyrics by Jensen and The Flips

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Jensen and The Flips - LoveChild (Official Music Video)

Artists: Jensen and The Flips feat. Kat Gamo

Production: Stronghold Manila

Director: James A. Muleta
Assistant Director: Cesca Veneracion
Production Manager: Glenn Hu

Editors: Andrai Antonio & James A. Muleta
Cinematographer: Andrai Antonio
Director of Photography: Andrai Antonio

HMUA/Stylists: Andie Javelosa & Rya Petines
Production Assitants: Nicolette Marcelo, David Marquez & Aldane Gorgonia


LoveChild  lyrics

Hold on, wait a minute, i not quite ready for this 
Its been a long time since you and i kissed
Lets make it special, lets make it sweet
I'll show you baby how i do it slowly
I want, i want...

Your eyes gets me eveytime i want your love child

I know we cant be pushing this too hard
Lets give a little more time to go around
We gonna rock this baby we gonna work it out
We'll be too awesome for the world no doubt

I want I want...


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