Wala - Glenn Jacinto

Latest OPM Songs would like you to enjoy the music video of  "Wala"  from Glenn Jacinto.
Glenn Jacinto quickly rose to fame as the lead singer for Filipino rock band Teeth. The year was 1993, and the grunge scene in Manila was at an all time high. Teeth released hit songs “Laklak”, “Princesa”, and “Shooting Star” among a whole lot of others that were spread through 3 full length albums, not including their greatest hits.

But the band soon broke up. Members created other responsibilities while others fled the town for greener pastures across the seas. However, as with most good things that come to an end, they somehow find their way back. In 2014, Glenn Jacinto was back in Manila for a good number of months, and Teeth took the stage just as they had 20 years earlier, only this time, to even more adoring fans.

Teeth had a great tour of the Philippines but before Glenn headed back to California, he dropped by The Bunker (a studio in the home of Pinoy icon Ely Buendia) and recorded a few tracks.

Since then, Glenn Jacinto has released “Habang Buhay” which came in video form and was shot in Manila.

Today, after teasing fans with a 20 second clip, we are proud to launch his 2nd solo album single, “Wala”.

Thanks Glenn and everyone else who participated on this project!
Glenn Jacinto
Lyrics of Wala by Glenn Jacinto

We are very sorry to inform you that the lyrics of this song is still not available at this time.

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