Again - Sarah Geronimo

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Sarah Geronimo - Again (Official lyric video)

The Official Lyric Video of Sarah Geronimo's song "Again", included in her EXPRESSIONS album.

Also available for download on iTunes, streaming on Spotify and in your favorite digital music stores.
Lyrics of Again by Sarah Geronimo

I never thought that I would find
Someone like you who makes me smile
You used to see me always cry
Now you bring my heart back into life

Suddenly it felt so good
Having you around just makes things better
Anyone could see in me
Fireworks in my eyes when we’re together

You’re the light that shines on me
Take away my sadness
You’re the reason why I still
Believe in loving and When you hold me
I know that deep within
Now I’m not scared to love again

I’m sure this love will never die
Sure as the stars shine in the sky
I want you to embrace me tight
Stay with me forever day and night

[Repeat Refrain]

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

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