TRENDING: Yaya Dub's performance on Eat Bulaga Pa more!

Have you watched the Maine Mendoza better known as "Yaya Dub" as she performed in Eat Bulaga! Bulaga Pa More segment. August 12, 2015. If you missed her performance you can read the story below. 

Maine Mendoza is really taking stardom by storm, the tandem of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub is really phenomenal.

Image Credit from EatBulaga Instagram
Before, Yaya Dub perform Fans on social media are so excited for this day August 12, 2015. They are expecting that it will be the day when they will finally meet.

Yaya Dub portrayed the character of Princess Dub. Wearing a Cinderella-like gown, she showcased her skills in dubsmashing and dancing together with the That's My Bae Finalists and FHHM's while Alden was doing his best to fill the pool with water by transferring it from barrels to the pool through the use of a pail. This was the challenge Lola Nidora gave him to prove his sincere intentions to Yaya Dub. Lola Nidora said,"ang pagmamahal, masarap sa tamang panahon". 

Before the performance ended, a witch on the screen appeared saying that if Yaya Dub will not run away from the castle, she will be cursed forever. Threatened, Yaya Dub ran away from the castle without her knowledge that Alden is already on his way to meet her. Yaya Dub ran as fast as she could until she saw a jeepney and rode in it. 

Sadly, the two still did not meet but is still hoping for forever. What's left for Alden to hold on too is a crystal shoe Yaya Dub accidentally left while running.

Imagegrab from Eatbulaga Facebook Page
While we are still looking for the video of her performance, you may watch below How Aldub loveteam began?
Meanwhile "SARI-SARI stores" on different places temporary closed as Yaya Dub performed in Dabarkads Pa More segment .
If you are fan of Yaya Dub don't forge to like and support Yaya Dub Facebook Fan page as a support.


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