Suntok lyrics by Tukar Sinati ft. Sunny Bandila & Rudic

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Enjoy the music video of the OPM Latest Hits “ Suntok lyrics by Tukar Sinati ft. Sunny Bandila & Rudic ” 

SUNTOK - Tukar Sinati (ft. Sunny Bandila, Rudic) Official Video HD

Giving insight to the current struggles in the urban areas of the Philippines, using 5 dialects (Tagalog, Chabacano, Ilonggo, Bisaya & Tausug) encouraging Peace and Unity. 


Teacher: Earl Akino aka Maestro Kintal of Tukar Sinati & Los Indios Bravos Pilipinas
Journalist: Clifford Ronquillo aka LSabor of Dos Fuertes & Tukar Sinati
Boxer: Sunny Bandila of Urban Flow
Soldier: Rudic Joshua Pangilinan Lingating
Rebel: Mohammed Bansil aka Medmessiah of Dos Fuertes & Tukar Sinati
Trapo Vendor: Dibayn Leano of Encantada & Tukar Sinati
Blind Musician: Carlo Bernardino of Tukar Sinati & People's Future
Break Dancer: Jay Masta of Battle Crew
Rebel Leader: Rashid Rivero aka Black, Andre 5000, Krs-5
Politician: Lawrence The Landlord 
Sparring Partner: Rawn Celeste Mercado


Produced by: Tukar Sinati
Directed by: Mohammed Bansil & Carlo Bernardino
Cinematography by: Mohammed Bansil, Carlo Bernardino, Jay Jamoralin, Earl Akino, Loujaye Sonido, Pol Torente
Editor & Post Production: Loujaye Sonido for Munting Media Group
Production Assistant: Nino Quintana
Music Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at: Camino Nuevo Studios.
Track Produced by: Medmessiah
Executive Producer: Mohammed Bansil

Shot Through out various areas of Metro Manila and Zamboangga conflict areas, Sulu Gulf.

Stock Footage supplied by: Munting Media Group
We're very sorry that the lyrics of this song is still not available at this moment.

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