Isang Umaga by Shehyee ft. Yumi

Enjoy the music video of the OPM Latest Hits “Isang Umaga by Shehyee ft. Yumi

Shehyee - Isang Umaga ft. Yumi [Official Music Video with Lyrics]

Official Music Video for rapper & Fliptop champ Shehyee's latest single "Isang Umaga." The track is a cut from the rapper's self-titled debut album. The EDM-influenced rap track also features singer Yumi Lacsama singing the hook chorus & Meg Imperial as Shehyee's leading lady. 

The music video is directed by Nolan Bernardino & Dondi Narciso of Happy House Manila. 

Post-production: Iggy Javellana
Production Assistants: Nica Ramos & Alfred Aguirrechea
Stylist: Jhelo Cristobal
Make-up artist: Inang Maria
Production design: Paula Bringas

"Isang Umaga" is audio-produced by FlipMusic & Viva Records.
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We are very sorry to inform you that the lyrics of this song is still not available.
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