Tampo by Princess Velasco

Enjoy the music video of the OPM Latest Hits “Tampo by Princess Velasco
Princess Velasco - Tampo [Official Music Video with lyrics]

Official music video of "Tampo" by Princess Velasco from her "Acoustic Princess OPM" album.

"Tampo" is composed by Princess Velasco herself along with her album producer Sunny Ilacad.

Music video also features VAA artists (who were last seen in the movie "Talk Back and You're Dead") Via Aurigue, Issa Pressman, and Cliff Hogan. Aubrey Caraan of Pop Girls, Carlos Ysmael of Sugar High and Miggy San Pablo of Upgrade are also featured in this music video. "Tampo" music video is directed by Carlo Alvarez. 
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Tampo lyrics by Princess Velasco
We are very sorry to inform you that the lyrics of this song is still not available.
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