You Are My Life by Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford

Enjoy the music video of the OPM Latest Hits “You Are My Life by Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford
I've been saving this video presentation for quite few months now and I am planning to upload this sana sa 5th Anniversary nila, but I guess there's no more anniversary to look forward to. I'm having second thoughts if I should finish this video or not dahil nga sa nangyari. Hindi ko matapos tapos ang video na 'to kasi gusto ko na ang last photo will be their latest photo together as a couple. Nakakalungkot isipin na wala na pala akong hihintayin. But then I thought, the memories shared and the moments they have in these photos is something to be treasured for and just a proof of how beautiful the relationship was. Originally, this video was made just to reminisce and to take a look back on how they started as a couple and the supposed to be celebration of their lasting relationship in their 5th year. But now, I guess this video will be just a reminder of how they were used to be. The photos here are just some of the photos that I was able to save as a fan for almost 5 years. Naiiyak na lang ako pag nakikita ko 'to. To ate Nikki and kuya Billy, it still hurts me and I think forever ko nang mararamdaman ang panghihinayang na 'to but thank you because you made me feel and realized that true love really do exist. I will forever be a NILLY. I won't say goodbye, because I still have this faith that in this world of ours, there are no goodbyes, only new beginnings. I love you both.
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You Are My Life by Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford

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