Stay by Jireh Calo

Enjoy the music video of the OPM Latest HitsStay by Jireh Calo
Film Produced by KWNTL
Director | Editor | Colorist: David Molina
Assistant Director: Canizza Ebuen
Cinematographer: Nica Espinosa
Production Designer: Gian Fernandez
Production Manager: Michael Venegas
VFX: Carlo James Maaliw
SFX: Richard Ken Matsuyama
Jireh Calo 
Stay by Jireh Calo Lyrics 

The sun light shines through the pouring rain
As I gaze into your eyes that mesmerize
You take my hand and say again
I'll always be yours, I'll always be yours

Your burning love it warms my soul
It covers me, it sets me free
Like a bird I come and go
But you always stay, you always stay

So I'll stay
I won't run away

Because your love is true and only you
Can light the fire inside my soul that I never even knew I had
Till you came and said my name
You set my heart aflame and now I'm never the same

My soul's alight, what a sight
I take flight in the night to the light
I'm free to fly away
But I choose to stay in your arms,
embraced by your warmth

I'll stay
Together let's fly

I'll stay,
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